“WONDER WOMEN” – An evening of extraordinary talent for IWM

In the month of March​ ​TV and Radio Broadcaster,  Leah Charles-King hosted a successful Wonder Women inspirational evening at the swanky Primo Bar in Westminster Park Plaza hotel in honour of International Women's Month. The ​evening ​secured a ​fantastic line up of inspiring women who ​happily rallied around Leah in ​support​ of​ the even, starting with [...]


I’ve been nominated for an award!

  We've been so busy at The Red Carpet Academy HQ that we totally forgot to publicly jump on our tables and sofas in celebration of our founder, Leah Charles-King being nominated for yet another award! This Saturday 26th March is the annual "Divas of Colour" Awards, and Leah is nominated for "Best TV and [...]


After bringing a new face to Cuban media and journalism Yoani Sánchez has been awarded several journalism awards over the years, some of which have caused controversy within Cuban media, to now surpassing that with her greatest achievement to date, the launch of a new Cuban news outlet 14YMedio. Born September 4th 1975 (aged 39) in [...]

How Women Changed the World: CILLA BLACK

One of the most successful loved and multi-talented women in showbiz, Cilla Black was a pioneer for women in media. From her early teens she always had a drive to make something of herself and she sure made it clear that she was determined not to be a girl best suited for office work, and [...]


It is such a shame that for so much of her life Mia Farrow gained publicity for negative aspects of her personal life when her accomplishments spans across five decades and she is continuously involved in campaigns to improve the lives of impoverished people. Born Maria De Lourdes Villies Farrow in Los Angeles in 1945, [...]


Malala Yousafzai is an activist for female education from Swat in Pakistan. At only 16 years old, she is one of the most inspiring young role models in modern society. She first caught our attention with a reflective diary about her experience of the Taliban enforcing a ban on female education. Born and raised in [...]

WONDER WOMEN: An evening of extraordinary talent

“Wonder Women”: an evening of extraordinary talent. Multi-award winning TV Broadcaster and Producer, Leah Charles-King alongside 01-Zero One, invite you to "Wonder Women". An evening of inspirational insight into the world of business, media, fashion and entrepreneurialism delivered by women specifically within the BAME community. You are invited to share the trials and triumphs of a [...]

The Kim K Effect

I’m so over it!! For the second time in less than a week I have seen images of women in the public eye ‘whoring’ themselves for fame, attention and money. Such images have made me groan with distain. So much so, I even fell out with a dear (male) friend over it! My question is, [...]


 Welcome to my new look website! Take a look around... I have a brand new showreel and great new pics to show off. Every Wednesday I'll be highlighting a plethora of women from across the globe who have had or are having a major impact on society, with my "How Women change the World" blog series. [...]