The Red Carpet Academy is the UK’s only TV Presenter and Public Speaking training led by mainstream and celebrity Experts! What makes us unique is that as a collective we’ve been in the TV game for almost 100 years combined and been seen by a collaborative audience of over 200 million viewers.

Combine the years of each of our TV and professional public speaking careers thus far + shows we’ve presented and been viewed in as many regions as the UK and Europe, USA, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean and that should = an approximate total audience of well over 200 million viewers. To achieve all this certainly takes time. So yes, 100 years should just about do it. Although our “TV ages” would calculate a mere half of that!

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The TV industry is a tough game which takes grit, determination, creativity, and most importantly TALENT! If you’ve got genuine talent you’re halfway there, however we can help you towards getting the other half. How? Because for the first time, we are willing to share our secrets. Unlike many of our contemporaries, where else can you get tried and tested tips, tools and mentoring by a team of noted TV Presenters and Public Speakers who don’t claim to be “once this” and “once that” decades ago, but who continue to frequent many genres of television from kids telly, prime time entertainment, sport and even TV shopping. Not to mention public speaking assignments around the world.

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It may be likely some of you remember us presenting kids TV shows every afternoon on CBBC, CITV and The Disney Channel. Or as recurring regulars on ITV’s “This Morning” or the BBC’s flagship programme, “The One Show”. If you’re over 18 perhaps you night owls may have played some cheeky roulette games with you on Jackpot247 and Super Casino roulette (ITV, C5 and Freeview). Do you enjoy a little TV shopping? Ah, then you may have purchased some of our wares on BID TV, Price Drop TV or The Jewellery Channel. Or if celebs are more your thing you could’ve seen one of us strutting the red carpet interviewing the stars.

Our public speakers have won numerous international awards and have delivered impacting speeches worldwide alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, members of parliament and more.

All the above is what makes us exclusive. We are a collective of professional TV Presenters and Public Speakers who have long standing experience in presentation skills. And our stories do not end there, but continue to grow. When we’re not on TV we’re on the radio, recording voiceovers, or doing corporate videos for major clients.

If you’ve got what it takes not only do we want to help you to “make it”, but we also hope to be working alongside you one day too!

Find out more of our TV Presenter courses and our all-inclusive program here!


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